March 03, 2005


bless the mutants, every one

I bought a Nintendo DS a few days back, and am pleased overall. There's no doubt that the upcoming PSP is more powerful and sleek and whatnot, but I suspect the DS will do better at attracing titles that make up for lesser horsepower with sheer bizarrepower.

For instance, take Feel the Magic XY/XX, a touchscreen-based Japanese stalking/love story, in which the introductory minigame is using the stylus to trigger some dude who swallowed a bunch of goldfish to vomit them back to safety, and gets incrementally stranger from there.

Then there's upcoming titles, like Egg Monster Hero, which I think hits in Mayish in a translated version. My favorite screenshot of the entire freakish lot is right below.

You are no match for Egg Monster Hero cottage, dark knight...thing!

posted by Gar @ 8:36 AM
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