January 13, 2006


MMO hopping

My attention in City of Villains recently plummeted sharply, after lasting longer than I actually expected it to at the beginning. I actually got my main character to level 33 before it ceased to be fun. Now, MMOGs are built on a model that assumes that the majority of their playerbase aren't the type to actually stop playing once it ceases to be fun; that assumption is apparently dead-on correct. I don't pretend to understand that, but there it is. It's why every MMO's home forums are a cesspit of people complaining and whining.

Anyway, I've recently started playing World of Warcraft again, and at precisely the right time apparently; a guild of folks from the RPGnet forums started up on the Kirin-Tor server, and I was very loosely involved in a previous stab at such a guild last summer that never really got off the ground. This one's slightly more successful thus far, to understate things. I've been involved in two instance runs in as many nights--now, this is of course gibberish to anyone who doesn't know the game, but Jeff at least should dig how unusual that is. Also, the guild in general has this kind of crazy self-supporting debtweb of aggressive generosity that's made me understand for the first time the true appeal of such an organization.

Also, I wanted to link this video. Pointless Waste of Time definitely has its moments. Also (in one of the very rare links from my blog that I think Kendra would appreciate, mark the calendar, it won't happen often) GNOMES! That last's a pretty large chunk of download, but amusing.

For those of my vast readership curious about the whole WoW thing, apparently you no longer need to actually buy anything to try it out for ten days or so. At least, I'm pretty sure this free trial is still active, no guarantees expressed or implied in this unspoken oral contract. There's the usual free-registration hoops to jump through, but beats paying for discs if curiosity would only confirm it's not the game for you after all.

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January 05, 2006


Speaking of kooks

A motherlode.

So far, I've learned that the sun is solid, that body modification may be our only hope in the coming robot-human apocalypse, that there's intensive research ongoing in antigravitational effects of biological systems, and just all kinds of knowledge. Glory be.

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