July 17, 2007


miscellaneous bricabrac

My Neighbor Samara, or Ringu 4: My Neighbor Totoro. I look in at Hitherby Dragon more rarely than I should, as this demonstrates.

If you're one of them there reader types, those intellectual elite pansies who are destroying America, www.goodreads.com is a pretty nice site, built around tracking books you've read, comparing ratings and reviews with friends (in the internet sense of "folks who happen to link to you"), presumably so you can see at a glance are inexplicably wrong their tastes are in their divergence from the rectitude of your own. By your own I mean mine.

This link will let you register and link you to my incomplete list, which I started by entering what I'd read thus far this year, then was crushed under a wave of laziness before getting more than a few titles in. It will also email me to inform me that I have a new friend named you, which is good for self-esteem. If I don't get self-esteem, how will I ever grow up?

A music video for I am Murloc, which probably makes more sense if you've ever played World of Warcraft--but really, only a little. Murlocs are a class of walking bags of XP and loot for player characters to explode by shooting them with spells, smacking them with swords, and so on; they are distinctive by having the most gloriously annoying sound effect in the game, featured prominently in said video.

Finally, drunken Jedi stabbing at a party. You know this kind of thing went down in the Old Republic all the time, and Dean Yoda just covered it up because they're really good kids from good alumni families.

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