September 24, 2008


Random bits from my brain

In no particular order. I'm pretty sure I'm running a mild fever, but don't know if that's anything more than correlated to these.

-- Cloverfield is a decent giant monster movie. Generation Kill was a more-than-decent dramatized mini-series on soldiers in the field. Every single one of them was a more compelling character than the useless whining shrieking yuppie idiots that Cloverfield was saddled down by. I want a giant monster movie focusing on a particular company of soldiers trying to contain the entire situation as INSERT MAJOR METROPOLITAN AREA HERE gets trashed.

-- I had a dream this morning of having something or other to do at a generic-university's science building, said building not patterned after any actual location that I could tell. Whatever the original task, it was rapidly obsoleted by the realization that there was a rhino in it; this required moving slowly to get around it lest it get spooked and/or angry and charge, because even in this particular dream logic, in a contest between charging rhino and me, charging rhino is going to win. This was further complicated by the building next door suddenly getting pummeled by airstrikes--jets zooming by and unloading (apparently very wimpy) missiles into it.

I like to think that a giant monster was going to erupt through that building next, and I would've rejoined my unit after dealing with the rhino mission, but I woke up at that point.

posted by Gar @ 11:34 AM
I'm pretty sure a combination of nicotine patches and hay fever is the cause of my unusually lucid dreams lately. Yeah, if you ever use a nicotine patch to quit smoking, here's a suggestion - don't wear it while sleeping. To do so is to invite giant Harry Potter shaped transforming robots on a mission to steal the Earth's sulfur to run roughshod through your subsconscious.

I would have thought the OTC antihistamines I've been taking (which work incredibly well, by the way) would make me drowsy to the point where I would sink into a restful, dreamless sleep. I guess not. I think taking the patch off a couple hours earlier before sleeping is the solution.
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