January 14, 2008


In space no one can...

As previously mentioned, some time ago I spat out a short piece of warnography bulldada involving the grown-up Peanuts gang involved in a zombie apocalypse and time travel brought on by the Great Pumpkin (an otherworldy demonic horror, you see) with Linus as the corrupted evil sorcerous mastermind. It amused some people, and somewhere an angel got its wings.

I still think that was a fair characterization of a believable Linus path. Here's part of the reason why:

I've been buying the collected chronological sets of the strips as they've come out and as I remember (I imagine I'll stop when I find the point where they lost the undeniable edge it had in its earlier years; I'm curious as to when that may be. My suspicion is it's somewhere around the late 70s or very early 80s; it'll be awhile before the compilations reach that point), and just finished the '61-'62 compilation. One of the strips went like this:

Linus is standing out looking at a starry sky. He is silent for a few frames. One of the frames has the streak of a falling star in it. He goes back into the house. Lucy is sitting in a beanbag, watching television. "Guess what?" he says. "What?" she asks, one presumes, crabbily.

"Falling stars don't scream," he says.

In another strip, originally from December of 1962, he's bringing his own translation of bits of the Dead Sea Scrolls to show and tell.

I'm telling you: budding evil sorcerer.

EDIT: I knew I'd presented other evidence from earlier still, and found the relevant entry. These two posts really contain just a small representative sample, and are not exhaustive by any means. The picture they paint is truly damning.

posted by Gar @ 10:49 AM
I still contend that you need to rewrite that. Maybe it shouldn't even be a close approximation of the original, or anything like it. At any rate, your muse will find you when the time is right.
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