September 15, 2007


Pickles the Drummer doodily doo ding dong doodily doodily doo

I don't watch much television. I'm not one of the teeveetotalers who get smug about that fact and believe that it gives them mental superpowers, because I'd have mental superpowers no matter how I spent my free time, on account of the yeti blood. Or more properly, nental superpowers. But another reason I don't believe that is that it definitely leads to missing some good stuff when it's new.

For instance, I hadn't known of the awesome brutality, blacker than the blackest black times infinity, of DETHKLOK, whose adventures are featured in the documentary series Metalocalypse.

I was aware of some kind of emptiness where the sound of brutality should echo. I was aware that, as my blood flowed through my veins that I was not being aurally bloodtrocuted. I knew that my ears were starving, but I didn't quite know how.

But now I do know, and it's a better world.

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I watched the series when it first started, then lost interest, then rediscovered it again a few weeks back at the series finale.

You understand what I'm getting at when I say that THIS IS ON MY MUST OWN DVDS LIST.

This show is more metal than ... anything. I'm at a loss for words.

Even Splunky thinks it kicks 21 flavors of ass.

You beat me by two weeks posting about this.

Crank your fucking speakers up and play this:

Or just search youtube for Episode 20, probably the most metal episode of the most metal television show in the history of metal, evah.
It was one of those things that aligned just so, since I've been on a, uh, HEAVY metal kick lately. Dense to outright experimental stuff the kids are calling "post-metal" these days, from Mastodon to Meshuggah (there "I" EP would be one of the greatest anthems of nihilistic brutality, darker than the darkest dark if it weren't for Dethklok, but they're a close runner-up) to the ambient drone of Sunn O))), who you can tell are experimental because there's no way to pronounce their fucking name. And Dethklok is, even aside from the pure Slackful goofiness in their songwriting, actually a really good metal band.

Amazon canceled my preorder of the deluxe double-cd of the Dethalbum.

There will be blood. There will be bloodtrocution, rained down from my hatredcopter. There will be hammer smashed faces and blood vomit.
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