August 02, 2007


The bridge was looking California, but feeling Minnesota

In case anyone in my vast readership (you are tiny but select percentile) I am unaffected by the Minnesota Death Bridge incident.

The uppermost grades of various occult organizations of the Rosicrucian variety have vows that amount to taking the outlook that everything the universe does is a personal sign directed at you, and by you, I mean me. Now, I'm no true Rosicrucian (although true ones are supposed to deny that they are, so ferreting out the truth of this matter would require a carefully-worded query to my identical twin who tells only the truth or only lies, and he's unavailable right now. Unless I'm lying about that, and without the twin, there's no way to know. Sorry), but this is a helpful attitude to take sometimes.

The lesson contained in this kind of infrastructure snafu can be summed up by me screaming at the sky, "You missed!" And pointing and laughing. (And shortly keeling over at my keyboard from a sudden freak cerebral hemorrhage, in which case you'll never get to properly query my identical mirror twin.)

posted by Gar @ 10:01 AM
Well, as I was under the impression that you were sans car and therefore not commuting via things like bridges, this affirms my belief that you were not squished by a bridge.
It is true it sharply reduces said odds. Busses are known to travel over such feats of engineering, though!
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