October 08, 2007




Holy Mountain - A minibus full of hippie Rosicrucians tripping out of their collective gourd smashes headlong into a Road Warrior-esque jerryrigged armored dune buggy with spiky bits being driven by Carlos Castaneda on PCP, low blood sugar, and a high fever. They begin to exchange insurance information, but end up making a movie together instead. This is that movie.

Altered - Pissed-off crazy rednecks traumatized by being fucked with by aliens aim to get some payback, but don't really have a very well thought-out plan. This is one of the few movies to paint an accurate picture of the Grays, namely that they're vicious little fucked-up bastards with mouthfuls of flesh-eating bacteria and a penchant for playing with the lower GI tract.

Good movies both, in their own ways.

posted by Gar @ 9:02 AM

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