March 02, 2008


Dwarf Fortress: Boatmurdered

Dwarf Fortress is one of those games I periodically mean to actually sit down and dedicate the time to learn to play. It has the benefit of being free, so that's less embarassing than being one of the games I've actually paid money for and haven't learned. It's absurdly, ambitiously complex, to the point where it's probably one of the few games which can use the term "emergent" as something other than an idiot marketing buzzword. (Sidenote: Saint Bill Hicks on marketing. He will rise again, one thousand feet tall and clothed in holy radioactive fire.)

Also, it led to the epic saga of "Boatmurdered", the grand story of a dwarven stronghold besieged by demonic elephants, miasmic rotting clouds, total all-consuming insanity, and engraved images of cheese. It's a lengthy read, a bit slow to start, uneven due to the authorship switching that's part of such things--but well worth it.

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