December 17, 2007


I say this with all due holiday cheer, compassion, and charity.

Dear old gray lady at the local Post Office's automated post center thingie: using it to bill up and ship packages is certainly a nice feature. I would humbly suggest, however, that using it to do so for a stack of a dozen such packages when you are averaging approximately five minutes for each package's transaction from weigh, pay, label print, and bin placement is, perhaps, not particularly indicated.

Engaging in such activity may, in fact, indicate that it is time to begin consideration of allowing yourself to drift away on an ice floe.

Gar Drastic

P.S.: to the staff's credit, they processed the lines with unexpected efficiency. I noticed you still had approximately two-thirds of your package stack left when I exited the building. Again, I urge you to consider ice floe.

P.P.S.: "ice floe" can be construed to be metaphorical. There are other options.

P.P.P.S.: Merry Christmas!

posted by Gar @ 10:25 AM
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