June 24, 2008



So this will probably the most horrible thing I learn about today. The bit where in the linked pdf article that made me physically cringe is the mention of one person with the syndrome having, over time, ripped out the bones of his hard palate. So, that's a fun read that should be shared.

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Logotomy'll fix that right up.

On a good day I would say that these obviously intelligent and potentially important victims of this horrible disorder need to be cared for in every manner, if for no other reason that out of basic human kindness, but also because of the important clues to the mysteries of behavioral disorders that their maladies could provide.

On a bad day I'd say that we have no business undertaking expensive and fruitless attempts to prolong the lives of these people because after all, there are still kids starving somewhere in the world, we're suffering from overpopulation and who would want to live like that anyway. And it's Bush's fault. But that would be me being facetious again.

Either way, makes for a fascinating magazine article.

I guess I'm obsessing over the vapid arguments of the anti-life extension crowd again.

Essentially they contend that even if it can be done, working on extending the human lifespan is pointless when there are so many other diseases to cure and problems to solve first. The antilogic in that statement escapes them.

Name your favorite medical condition and sooner or later there will be an ineffecutal "war" on it with the only result being another waste of taxpayer dollars. Meanwhile, private research efforts (with or without taxpayer funding) are overregulated to the point of ... well, pointlessness, and unprofitability. Progress becomes so slow it's enough to kill a guy. A few billion here, a few billion there, pretty soon you're talking about real money and people still linger painfully and die of cancer, bankrupt.

Makes me wish I had tits just so I could get cancer and be called brave and also have the opportunity to guilt trip everyone I know into contributing money to a foundation with 96% overhead and receive a some new color combination wristband or ribbon to wear. But you know, raising awareness is the first step to a cure. Because I wasn't aware people got cancer - it's news to me. I guess what I'm getting at is that foundations searching to cure one disease or another need to be looked at carefully before money is donated. What have they accomplished so far? What is on the horizon? Is the money spent wisely? These are the questions you need to ask before forking over when another soccer mom shows up at your door rattling a can, regardless of how nice her tits are. It's smart not only because you will be less likely to waste your money, but because you will be more likely to contribute to an effective effort, and more likely to save those tits.

What the hell was I talking about? Shit, I don't know. I guess I'm just being contrarian today.

I like cornflakes.
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