March 26, 2006


Documentaries and agitprop

So I was watching "The God Who Wasn't There" the other night, and it was an entertaining thing. It gets filed under "documentary" as genre, which isn't quite right--the factual points in it (that it's pretty funny that the canonical gospels were only written decades after Christ said, "Dudes, you guys just chill out, I'll be right back. I gotta get some bondo for these holes" etcetera) are really nothing new to anyone with a modicum of interest in religious history, and not particularly devastating to anyone other than fundamentalist Biblical inerrantists--or, you know, morons. Mostly it's a sort of laid-back rant from someone still fresh and stinging from deconverting under enough cognitive dissonance, building up to a cheerful act of blasphemy in his former fundie high-school's church (vocally denying the Holy Spirit, the one unforgivable sin dontcha know), leading to a bold titlecard of "I am not afraid" and credits. It was a pretty good rant, if an easygoing one; the affect didn't lower the rant-scale for me because it was very clearly affected to piss fundies off by being so smilingly amiable about the whole affair. (The penultimate act of the flick is the interview with his ex-principal and the same's slow-burn realization that he'd come to make him look like an idiot--which isn't that difficult to do with a fundamentalist, but dammit, if a fish is in a barrel, you might as well shoot it, because what else is it good for?)

Things like this continue to get classified as documentaries, which is silly. It'd be more honest if we just officially call them what they are, agitprop, and rate them accordingly.

Speaking of documentaries, Pure Pwnage recently released the tenth episode of the hard-hitting expose of the world's most pwnful pro-gamer's trials, tribulations, triumphs, and brief musical numbers. There is always a way to pwn. A thousand years from now, Pwnianity will be one of the dominant religions.

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