January 26, 2007


This is primarily a test of posting to the blog via Google Documents. We'll see how this goes.

I'm not completely sure why I'd want to compose documents over the web, but it should be handy for backing things up that I do write locally. To this day, I still have bad lack-of-backup habits, so a bulwark against my own foolishness is always welcome.

Up to yesterdayish, I primarily used Bloglines as my rss reader, due to its being free and good enough. I was aware that Google had its own beta reader going on, and was powerfully underwhelmed by it. Its default view consisted of a large unsorted list of every single feed item, ordered only by newest-to-oldest. I much preferred the bloglines sorting of by feed source/blog title, clicking upon which brought up the unread entries since last viewed--I still don't understand why Google initially sorted the way they did.

But yesterday, I found out that they've revised Reader in accordance with sanity. Sanity (I shouldn't have to explain this, but the world at large just doesn't seem to have really internalized it yet. So much to do, so many targets for my army of atomic supermen) is that which is in accordance with my own preferences. So it's looking like goodbye Bloglines.

Speaking of singular supermen--dig that segue; I have high verbal scores, which translates into baby-smooth changes of subject--I watched the first two Superman flicks via netflix last weekish. Random observations that occurred to me, in no particular order:

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