March 15, 2005


All you zombies in...what?

So I'm watching Lucio Fulci's "City of the Living Dead," and I have to admit, I'm at a loss to classify it in the Zombie Standard Model. Part of the problem is the zombies are neither notably fast nor slow. There's shambling, yes, but there's also a pretty acrobatic--for a dead guy--leap off a wall.

More problematic, these zombies teleport. I can't really begin to place that factor. Also, they can be put down by stabbing them in the stomach, which just isn't right.

I'm tempted to deny them zombie classification entirely. They're certainly even less zombies than the Ragey guys in 28 Days Later.

Classification difficulties aside, as zombie movies go, this was pretty bad. I admired Fulci's "Zombie," because it also had the chutzpah to be titled "Zombie 2." Also, it featured a zombie battling a shark; I figure that it was budget constraints that kept the shark from returning as a zombie shark. Fulci died before he could make Zombie 2, also titled Zombie 3. I understand that he did rise from the grave, but could secure no funding due to the negative impact death has on one's credit rating. Anyway, City was no Zombie.

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