November 03, 2005


History shows again and again

A capsule review of "Godzilla: Final Wars":

Ryuhei Kitamura is the kind of director who understands that, given the Toho corporate bylaw that mandates all Godzilla films be padded with entirely superfluous footage of people saying remarkably stupid things at one another, that you might as well make that superfluous footage involve said people either kicking each other in the head while saying said stupid things, or visibly preparing to kick each other in the head, or having just taken a breather from kicking each other in the head. (Sadly, there was no actual line of dialogue that went, "I have just kicked you in the head," in the same tones one would inform Roy Orbison that he's just been mummified in shrink-wrap, but to be fair that might have been a translation issue.)

In the spectrum of Godzilla flick quality, the above capsule review is very positive. As an auteur, Kitamura's entire oeuvre involves the various stages of people and head-kicking, if you can dig it (the man knows what he does). It definitely had a high budget, again as far as films about the big G go--which meant that instead of scattered bits of laughably bad CG, the movie was absolutely jampacked with laughably bad CG, in and amongst the more traditional guy-in-rubber-suit-stomping-through-cardboard-city-and-flashpots.

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