September 29, 2005



Amusing, but I look forward more to a re-editted trailer from one of any number of the kind of saccharine flicks, made into a trailer the horror movies they really deserve to be.

On unrelated topics, it's come to my attention that some theories of the Rapture state that all the children will be hoovered into the sky along with the righteous (which brings up the question, what did the kids do to deserve that?). If that's the case, having an educational reform policy as Antichrist is really sort of silly. Oh, I suppose there'll be teenagers left, but I might need to secure my initial post-Raptured popularity by having them shot, or perhaps put through a Battle Royale situation. (A mediocre flick, by the way. The premise really deserved better. The highlight was the instructional video explaining the rules of the game, but the rest of the film let it down.)

Still a good thing to have on contingency basis.

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