September 11, 2005


And one more for good measure

Movie review, that is. This one on the side of media that I haven't enjoyed lately, in order to provide fair and balanced coverage. I decide, then report.

Casshern - Uh, yeah. Some really nice visuals. Unfortunately, they're really nice visuals overlaid on a deeply muddled mess. I was daring to hope the insanity would at least be entertaining at the start, when some neo-sapien refugees, born out of neo-cell redlight pudding (fuck, why not? go with it!) wander into a big abandoned castle that just happens to be a repository of an ARMY OF NUCLEAR ROBOTS!...but then that kind of thing stopped in favor of approximately thirteen hours of the kind of philosophical musings that moderately bright fourth-graders, or microcephalic college students who aren't even high but pretending (badly) to be what they imagine being high is like would probably be disappointed by. I didn't time it exactly, it might have only been twelve hours. There was a giant goddamn robot blowing the holy hell out of an army at the end, but then there was another eight hours of idiot philosophy.

I wouldn't recommend avoiding it, per se, but rather muting it and holding the fast forward button through any part where things aren't making pretty explosions. Or, yeah, just avoiding it. That would be easier.


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