August 16, 2005

World War II propaganda--unlike most collections, this one's from the Japanese side. All the happy shiny quasimulticultural smiling faces of peoples just ecstatic to be part of the Greater East Asian Economic Co-Prosperity Zord just reaffirms earlier observations that today's corporate buzzword-inspirational material (Teamwork! Effort! Quality!) is pretty much the same material, just directed at trying to make a lot of bucks rather than bayonetting, raping, and razing whole swaths of countryside. (Not that, as CEO, I'm opposed to that kind of behavior, you understand. It's simply that studies have shown it produces terrible returns for our stockholders as compared to simply selling them Pepsi.)

Then there's some nice demoralize-the-yanks prop at penultimate end. The very bottom piece is where things get weird and, well, Japanese in the Fark sense. It's clearly meant to be a helpful list to get nervous Joes a quick Section 8, but I suspect that even at the time it was more a source of baffled amusement.

Point 10 is particularly genius. It doesn't matter how warmly you protest: "No, no, it's good, buddy! Have some! I've made enough for everyone!"

Point 12, though, seems to be a prophetic cautionary tale about furries. Eerie!

Tangential observation: Hollywood is, as we all know, currently remake-happy. If and when they do an unnecessary remake of M*A*S*H (to be followed by an even more unnecessary remake of the TV series), they should totally make use of that list for an updated and edgier Klinger.

posted by Gar @ 12:27 PM
Never trust the Japs. It can become habitual and is a sign of neurosis.

Playing "1943" for nine hours straight can become habitual and is a sign of neurosis.

Comparing everything to anime can become habitual and is a sign of not getting laid.

Hentai viewing can become habitual and can cause tentacles to emerge from your bodily orifices.

Bukkake video viewing can become habitual and may lead to increasing interest, followed by a sudden lack of interest.
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