April 16, 2005


rambling only

The other day I, or rather the sun, burnt heck out of the back of my neck. This is one of the problems of outside. There's a lack of proper climate control, which is a scheme it uses when it occasionally generates days that are just gobsmackingly beautiful, which Friday was. This persuades you into, say, spending a good few hours out and about; all the while, Sol (Invictus only until I get that powerful gamma-ray laser up and running!) works on moving you a few steps down the probability distribution of getting melanoma several decades hence.

It's akin to to someone distracting you while a partner picks your pocket, only with blind insensate forces. Or, if you like to row your boat gently down the stream of teleology, me getting sunburned is a small but important part of a greater plan. Perhaps the dermatologist who will confirm that the future melanoma is benign will regain his faith in life by the diagnosis, something like that. You never know!

I still haven't found out if the last third of God of War falls apart or not, because World of Warcraft has pretty much completely consumed my gaming time.

I recently watched "Home Movie", and recommend it. It's a rather short documentary of a handful of somewhat non-traditional homes, and the generally offbeat people living in them. It's by the same folks who made "American Movie," that being a longer documentary about a completely batshit-insane dude and his battle to make independent films against the host of troubles presented by, pretty much, his own delusions. I like that one a lot more, personally, but Home Movie probably has wider entertainment appeal, inasmuch as it's lighter, as in less disturbing, affair.

Anyway, their documentary style is to pretty much stay invisible, only occasionally speak to ask questions of various sorts at the subjects, and otherwise shut the hell up and let the subjects speak for themselves--which is an approach that's pretty bafflingly rare in the genre in general. If you like films about people living in decommissioned ICBM silos, a ramshackle housebout in the bayou, a treehouse in Hawaii, a home fashioned after The House of Tomorrow! as defined in the 50's, and a house more or less ran and designed by its cats, Home Movie is probably the best in the highly crowded list of such films.

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