April 09, 2005



After some years of avoiding MMOGs entirely, I've failed to continue doing so. (I blame Jeff.) It doesn't help that World of Warcraft works just ridiculously well over dialup (I never would have believed it; I figured pretty much confirming it was no-go for a few weeks till I get broadband access, but--barring a truly impressive patch download first thing--nope), which used to be one of the mainline defenses of my MMO immune system.

Anyway, if any of the vast readership of mine wants to say hi whilst I'm grinding, and further learning to translate the crazy moon-language that's involved in talking about the game, I've got three characters on the Garona server, Ralfas, Striiga (I don't know what that is, either. It just sort of came out of my fingers after three names were already taken), and Grignr; dwarf hunter (he doesn't actually hunt dwarves; that wouldn't be sporting what with their stubby legs and all), night elf druid ("I have gray eyes!"), and orc warrior respectively.

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