March 21, 2005


Down here, it's made of wood and wire.

I was reading this interview with Gene Wilder earlier. Most of its the usual interview fluff, and thus eminently skimmable if not outright skippable, but the first page had some neat bits (I honestly couldn't tell you what's on pages 2-4, it all blurred into the Peanuts Teacher voice at that point). To refine that further, there was exactly one interesting question-answer complete about his Prayer Demon, that I wish the interview had pursued more. But it went into Peanuts Teacher level instead. (I'm thinking this is probably symptomatic of deeper syndromes as to why I don't often find myself on msnbc.)

The out-of-context bit that really caught my eye, though, was this:

...and it’s hard to speak with vehemence when you think that the people you’re addressing it to aren’t going to understand what you’re saying.

That resonated with me. It's not a high-horse thing, understand, it's just the far-from-unique recognition that, as a friend once sighed at me, "I don't have the same...structures as you." I don't even know that it's an accurate thing--but the narrative of it is a well-dug-in one for me. The decision to engage in relatively more disciplined and regular blogging is, as one of its factors, an exercise in fighting the inertia of that particular meme. The relative truth of things like that is a feedback loop--the more you just don't bother speaking something because the deep structures of apprehending it vary (unavoidably so) from others', the more that structural difference will vary. (Note to self: backburner that.)

In other things that caught my eye tonight: this bit. (NYTimes, registration/bugmenot etc.) Yes, yes, this is basically just market forces at work, it's not like they're being legislated against showing science in science museums. All I ask for is a) a cultural backlash against these idiots to finally happen, or b) the Rapture to finally happen and take them all away. Either one's fine, I'm not picky.

In their written comments, she explained, they made statements like "I really hate it when the theory of evolution is presented as fact," or "I don't agree with their presentation of human existence."

Yeah, I don't much agree with the presentation of your existence either, sir or madam. Are you Raptured yet?


How about now?

Well, fuck. Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?

There's probably some way to tie other recent links about those people selling Jesus-scented candles (which is apparently heavy on the myrrh and frankincense, but not so much on the weeks-unwashed sweat factor. It's possible to deny that He had pores to sweat through, but that smacks of the Arian heresy, so I think it's pretty clear these candlemakers' immortal souls are in danger), perhaps by suggesting the worried Imax theaters in questions simply waft the lordly odor through the ventilation during the objectionable e-word portions of the controversial films, thus soothing the righteous with a sweet savor unto them. But it would be an uncharitable way to pursue, so I'll avoid it.

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