August 26, 2005


True Tales

The Outbursts of Evertt True. He is a holy man filled with righteous and furious anger, that they shall know his vengeance is upon them.

posted by Gar @ 7:17 PM
Truer words have never been spoken. This Everett True is a holy warrior, employing the blessed art of extreme violence upon the ill-mannered and uncouth.

I shall endeavor to remember that if I ever step into a time machine and appear in New York City in the year 1904, I will not go to a soda shop and take twenty minutes to make up my mind.

Two things are very interesting here. Number one is the extreme comic violence. It's interesting to see about 100 years ago or so what was acceptable or unacceptable in the popular media. Number two would be that this reads like a primer of called "Things That Piss Me Off" written by "Some guy from around the turn of the (last) century." I like getting into the heads of people from other time periods. Not great historical events, I mean. I find the common person's life say, in America 100 years ago, pretty interesting. It was just a fascinating time to be in, that late Victorian era, especially in the large cities like New York or London, where technology was really starting to take off and ability to communicate and travel was really getting going too. It was very much the end of one age and the beginning of another, but now I'm starting to rant. See my book on Victorian Era society in America, coming soon.
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