March 26, 2006


Skydiving. Also, brainspeed.

I just learned about this piece of history today. Nineteen miles. Apparently, he damn near broke the sound barrier before atmosphere cranked things back down to terminal velocity.

Shockwave toy demonstrating that errors of a few seconds at a couple points in the dive would have made him a smear. All in all, the story reminds me that I would really like to go skydiving someday, albeit from an order of magnitude less altitude. That's just how my brain works.

Also about how brains work: Brain speed test. I of course scored quite a bit faster than average, which I think a videogame habit can take credit for. I think my score probably suffered because I got really bored a third of the way into the test. Ironically, that's also probably the fault of a videogame habit! If the test really impresses you, you can pay them FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS to buy software to get even better at quickly and accurately processing bloops and bleeps up and down octaves.

I'd just like to repeat that, because it's better than any punchline I can come up with: FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

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