November 10, 2005


...and enjoy ENLIGHTENMENT!

So, apparently they made another videogame on the Matrix franchise, Path of Neo. Whoa, per the parlance of our times. I learn this fact in a thread on rpgnet, complaining of it being...not a good game, to put it charitably. Then there comes a true gem of a detour--according to rumors, the ending of the game is more than a little bizarre. Then someone posts links to what is claimed to be actual ending cutscenes from the game.

I suppose you shouldn't watch these if you intend to play Neo's Way or the Highway or whatever it's called. It might spoil that Neo has to have a fight, and then the enjoyment of the game would be ruined. I'm sensitive to that kind of danger.

In order:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

...and you know, I think that would have been a better ending for Revolutions than what was actually there.

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