November 08, 2005


Entrepeneurial idea

Dig it: homeopathic air fresheners. All--or more!--of the benefit of traditional Western air fresheners, but with the pinefresh-potpourri-whathaveyou odor diluted many thousands of times so that the air carries the molecular memory of the freshening scent without the bother of being stinky in its own right. They will, of course, be made of all-natural ingredients, and be available in a variety of homeopathic scents.

posted by Gar @ 9:14 AM
Another million dollar idea.

I tell ya, this guy gives 'em away every day. That's how smart he is. Fabulous idea like this - just gives it away. Cause I done seen the REAL BIG ideas he has and believe you me, this little stuff won't matter much when it's all over.

You could make HUNDREDS!
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