March 28, 2006


The world's best cellphone

I learned of this through the Quarter to Three forums, and had to test it. Sure enough. This is what happens if you search Amazon for "razr", minus the helpful arrow added by my L33T photoshop skills. Behold!

posted by Gar @ 5:59 PM
You should Google it. It's on sale everywhere now and from what I hear most of the buyers love it. Maybe Colleen and I could get one each ... pretty cool.
But more importantly, does it have a useless camera with no ability to send pictures without an expensive subscription? I guess it already plays mp3s ...
Sweet. That would be like the COOLEST phone call! It would be like me saying "Hey" after you greeted me with a "Hello!". Then I'd be all like "Hey man, this is Vern" and you'd be like "Hey Man" or something along those lines. It's at this point we got the real kicker.. "Hey man, you won't beleive what I'm callin' you on..." Bam! Over the Phone! You have reached rain. Deedle Leedle Lee!
Love is Good for your health
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