May 04, 2006


...Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars...

This is my shocked face at this news. I realize you can't see it, but trust me, I'm shocked. I'm even more shocked that it's a "limited" release so it can be done again in a few more years. Doubleplusshocked even. Reeling, really. I need to collect myself.

Seriously though, good news. I'll finally own the original trilogy in any form. While I'm definitely not a fan of the prequels, I'm also not in the "George Lucas raped my childhood" camp. At worst, he inappropriately fondled my childhood, but I've long since worked through that in therapy. (I'm not sure about that analogy, but I think the spirit of it holds true.)

posted by Gar @ 9:28 AM
I'd buy it if they include Bill Murray singing the Star Wars lounge medley thingy. I think I already have "Hardware Wars" somewhere, so my life is complete in that respect.
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