April 23, 2006


Supercar videos

Wonderword is a wacky Japanese answer to the animated bit in Pink Floyd's The Wall with the flowers committing Biblical knowledge of each other, until the pistil suddenly gets all floral dentata and chews up the stamen. Or maybe it's vice versa. I'm no botanist. But the overall theme's a miror--oddly sweet at first, in the way that exchanging mouth-launched ping pong balls can be, then getting sort of creepy at the end. Empathy breaking down into projection until the relationship explodes.

Be is on the one hand sort of like the flick "Series 7: the Contenders" (worth a rental, by the way). Whereas the latter is an extrapolation of American "reality tv" to the frankly logical next level, the video's sort of the same thing done to those wacky Japanese game shows where contestants go through goofy tortures for, I don't know, a month's supply of ramen or something. It's also a reductio ad bang-bang about why most performance anxiety and stage fright is rather silly, since most of the time a yakuza gangster isn't getting all gat-gat and bustin' caps in everyone you know (and your pet turtle) when you mess up. It's multilayered! (The comments also have a translated list of the captions identifying who everyone is.)

Then there's Aoharu Youth. (Babelfish informs me that "aoharu" translates to "aoharu," which is helpful.) Behold the disaffection of deeply creepy mannequin youth, lashing out against the system with eyebeams! But even rebellion is part of the system, man, it's everywhere, it's all around us. As demonstrated that those creepy ass mannequin people you think are your friends just because they're also creepy only want to suck you into their little suicide cult. There's a lesson in there for us all.

Oh yeah, and White Surf Style 5. I'm informed it's a shout-out to something called Tranzor Z, so your guess is as good as mine, and quite possibly better. It's a good study of what domestic violence situations will be like in a world where everyone has anime powers. Chilling.

I'm also told that the director of the videos apparently made a movie name of Survive Style 5+. The trailers confirm that it sure is the same director. I'm expecting someone to have to fight the bear. I'll have to see if I can track it down via some form of...oh, let's say import.

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