March 20, 2007


Holy propaganda, Batman!

This poster:

... is now one of my shordurpersavs. Or rather, the American Cultural Imperialism MechaMonster it depicts is. That thing kicks ass.

If we don't have a working battalion of real-life versions of exactly that in Area 51 or a similar locale, it's a crying shame.

posted by Gar @ 6:03 PM
That is one of the coolest things I've seen in years.

Nine out of ten.

But methinks despite its near perfection that it might need a contemporary "reimagining." And by "reimagining" I don't mean "change the race and gender while inserting random sex, extreme violence and nihilism." I'm thinking more like give it a Britney Spears foot and paint "No Blood For Oil" across it in blood.

Yeah, that would be cool. Huh huh.
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