November 11, 2005


More villainy

A couple more villains from yonder City of them.

Cloudsong Thief, here taking a break from his villainous exploits in order to go online to steal another cloudsong. Because he's just that EVIL!

I'm pretty sure this was done not by me, but through me. BATTLE MONKEY JOJO! Sure, the advanced research defense project lab thought it was a great idea to transplant a seriously pissed-off test monkey's head onto a prototype warbot body. If successful, it would herald in a new age when wars were fought with disposable test monkeys each wielding the firepower of a small old-style army, kept firmly under control by behavioral inhibitor chips, and more importantly, all the grant money you could wish for. And it was a great idea until lax security allowed an animal rights group to liberate him by deactivating those behavioral-control microchips in his brain.

The animal rights group thought it was a good idea to free the battle monkey prototype, they figured on having a powerful ally. And it might have been, if they would have had enough bananas, but noooo, they didn't want to buy any more until they got to their nearest organic whole foods mart, and that kind of hippie crap makes Battle Monkey Jojo ANGRY!

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