December 11, 2005


Homeopathic Cancer Remedy

This idea hit me the other night during the course of some discussion or other, and it deserved to be preserved.

Even-handed and level-headed sources such as Fast Food Nation and Supersize Me have been sure to let us know that your average fast food hamburger consists of meat from upwards of a dozen cows, due to the realities of how the mass-meat industry works. They leave out the positive medicinal benefits of this, probably because the conspiracy of the New Inquisition of the AMA shouting down and censoring all opposition to expensive Western medicine. And that is, of course, the homeopathic cancer-preventing properties of including meat from several dozen animals at once.

By sheer probability, it's likely that some of the animals fed through an industrial slaughterhouse have some cancer cells, if not actual growths, somewhere within their bodies. The process of chopping up the carcasses and grinding it serves to dilute that cancer factor many hundreds and thousands of times--until each and every ground-beef patty resulting from the output end of the meat processing plant is, in and of itself, a homeopathic cancer cure.

The fact that the major franchises don't play up this fact is a chilling testament to the fascistic control of opinions that the AMA and Western Doctors enjoy. As a matter of fact, it might be a good idea to mirror this page in case it's "disappeared" for the apostasy of it all.

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