November 12, 2005



One of the reasons I like the way my brain runs is that when it produces what would be called nightmares by others, they're mostly just really entertaining. I had a kickass nap a bit ago, and my brain decided it was time to generate a spontaneous horror film in the old cartesian theater. It was a Jacob's Ladder ripoff in the core twist of the whole thing being that the main character--only "me" in a part-time sense; my more involved dreams shift seamlessly back and forth from first to third person, always have--was actually dead through most of it, and in a sort of denial-and-choosing-up-or-down afterlife moment. There were some bodies involved, uncovering some murders, attempts to save another person in the dream, and various disgusting trippy visuals, like the intercut hallucinations of victims of aforementioned murders being stuffed in a refrigerator's crisper drawer. (I checked after I woke up; there's nothing disgusting enough in mine to have sparked that, everything's still freshish in there.)

Part of the reason my wannabe nightmares almost never are that is it's not so much an immersive experience, as alternating between one and a sort of behind-the-scenes cast-and-crew commentary going on. The best example of that this time was the eerie scene of main character staggering up a flight of stairs away from some unpleasantness, and not even noticing two severed heads resting against the floorside bannister; after he/I passed, the heads started talking with one another about the current job, they'd worked worse, etc.--you know the Jacob's Ladder deal about the demons-who-are-really-angels thing? I can only conclude this was doing that one better by establishing that whatever they were, they're still just folks putting in a shift.

It's a good brain, I think.

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