November 23, 2005


This entry's theme: neat things, pretentiously named

Dreamlines is a graphical web toy that apparently works by hooking into the Google Images api and trippifying it. It's nifty.

Really Slick Screensavers are even heavier on the trippy factor. While the homepage is not pretentiously named (although one could make a case about lack of modesty), some of the individual screensaver names are sufficiently so that I can include it in this entry. Hyperspace is the first screensaver other than "blank screen" I've enabled for a long while.

I've recently discovered and become a big fan of the band Godspeed You! Black Emperor (yeah, the exclamation point's where it usually should be, apparently. Like I said...). Purely instrumental barring spoken-word samples, layered, complex, and damnably good sounding. I was vaguely aware of them before as having done one of the nicer parts of the score to Fast Zombie flick 28 Days Later, where whatshisname is wandering around a deserted London, and clearly should have actually listened without distraction to them sooner.

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