November 22, 2005


Silent Night, Seizure Night

It's pretty much in the time of year where various pundits will--being busy with holiday plans as they are--start phoning it in with pretty standard Christmas Under Attack! babble. You know, the general conspiracy to remove the X from Christmas, and you can tell how far advanced the conspiracy already is because it's not there even now! Very compelling stuff, of course.

Regardless of the outcome of that incredibly important cyclical argument, we all can take comfort in knowing people like the owners of this property are fighting the good fight to keep the "mas!" in Xmas.

posted by Gar @ 12:02 PM
Yes, it is a goodly video. Kendra and I both enjoyed it.

I did some digging after I first saw it and found the song the guy used. It's a Trans -Siberian Orchestra song called Wizards in Winter.

That is one huge snake!

Oh, sorry. Wrong video :)

Personally, I think there's plenty of Christ, X and mas in Christmas, not to mention Buddha, acid and menos, so I'm focusing my efforts on putting the "holy shit that's scary" back in Halloween. It's my culture, dammit, don't mess with my culture or you're a bigot.

My idea this year was to judge the costumes on the trick or treaters. Anyone dressed as a fairy, princess, cowboy, soldier, hunter, football player or bum would get no candy. Because it's not scary! This is Halloween, not a frickin' costume ball! Kids dressed as axe murderers, zombies, vampires, ghosts, etc. get candy because it's scary, with the amount of candy directly proportional to how scary they are.

The wife dissuaded me from this idea, however, and I was only allowed to comment in a lordly manner on the scariness or lack thereof, gently encouraging children dressed as rainbows, hippies or vegetables that they need to try harder next year if they want the REALLY GOOD candy. Carrot and stick.

Now, there is a third category of trick or treaters and that is the hot girls in sexy costumes. Sexy vampires, sexy nurse, sexy cavegirl, sexy baseball player, etc. Although not scary and not deserving of Halloween candy, they can have a different kind of treat, the nature of which I shall not divulge.
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