December 20, 2005


I don't care if it rains or freezes

As conclusions to court decisions go, Kitzmiller vs Dover is a beautiful portrait of a judge gloriously weary of idiots who just spent six weeks wasting his time, yet channeling that weariness into righteousness. Lots of money-shot quote material in that. I liked the bit about the "breathtaking inanity of the Board's decision."

It just adds to the holiday cheeriness that, indeed, the response from the ID folks natter about "activist judge! activist judge!" when the dude was appointed by W. I suspect they won't get much traction there outside their own echo chamber, but you never know.

I mess with the Jesus on a fairly regular basis, to satisfy future contractural requirements should it be determined that I'm the Antichrist as previously explored in this space. But I'm pretty sure he bought Judge Jones a beer after that last session was adjourned.

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Funny thing about this case. For all the debate it's generated, it doesn't matter one iota. Evolution, as well as all other scientific theories so well tested that they are generally agreed upon as fact, works whether you believe in it or not.

Makes me wonder. If reality is that which continues to exist even when you don't perceive it, and consciousness only continues to exist when you when there is perception, does that mean consciousness does not exist? Whoa, dude, pass the bong.

Back to my point. Personally, I sometimes relish the thought of entire generations of schoolchildren being brought up on completely fallacious concepts devoid of critical thought as well as suffering froma lack of basic literacy and mathmatics skills. Less competition in the job market for me, you see, and when those workers who can be considered reasonably intelligent, creative and hard-working become the vast minority, we'll fetch a higher price. And I can get someone to dig the graves at a much reduced price when the race wars come.

So dumb down education, please. Go ahead. I WANT to be the smartest person in any room I enter. I need to feel special somehow.
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