December 14, 2005


Merry War on Christmas!

Stille Nocht, Heilige KRIEG!

Modern American Christmas makes Michael Jackson look positively organic.

Largely because the only time most American Christians get on their knees is to adjust the fucking television set. Sure, you get the occasional God Warrior, but if you ask me? The defenders of Christmas are pussies. Not one stone shall be left unturned, their high places shall be knocked down, and when it's done, the ghosts of the Amalakites will say, "Huh. Yeah, we had it easy. Sure, they dashed our heads on walls, but the walls were soft."

Ah yeah.

Also, the spirit moving within me didn't really have any good suggestions on where to link 2pac Versus Barney, but was adamant that it should be linked anyway. Think of it as a stocking stuffer!

posted by Gar @ 6:51 PM
So is this guy bitching about the non-war on Christmas or was he just looking for an excuse to whine about Fox News again? Seriously, I'm at the point now when I hear kids griping about the media and government that all I can do is laugh at them, which, yes, DOES often get a hell of a reaction. When you are under the impression that you are the most intelligent and caring person in the room you tend to feel insulted when someone thinks you're just a kid without a clue. In reality, I'M the most intelligent and caring person in the room, so fuck them.

Reminds me of an IRC chat session I had the other night where some kid felt it was very important to point out either his or someone else's LJ and explain that it really slammed "Shrub and the fascist Republicrats." All I had to say was:

"lol. why are you reading some kid's LJ?"

The silence was deafening, followed shortly by his disconnection. I had a good laugh and patted myself on the back, once again secure in my belief that insecure teenagers who think they know shit about shit should be taken down a notch to prop up my own fragile ego.

Subscribe to the email list? Please, nigga. Content is overrated anyway. Nothing like grabbing a whole domain just to create a one-page rant.

Not that I didn't enjoy the rant ... but watching little boys masturbate (intellectually) isn't my thing.

If you enjoy watching grown men masturbate (intellectually), I suggest you surf over to I guarantee my intellectual masturbation is more entertaining and relevant than ANYTHING ELSE YOU HAVE EVER READ IN YOUR LIFE.

Or kill me.
Dude, your brain just seized right up at the first mention of Fox. You should fill your brain with Slack and then drain it again to prove a point.

Also, masturbatory cockblocking political views aside: Bill O'Reilly allegedly getting a big rubbery one while thinking of exfoliating someone's genitals is funny, as Ed Gein--a Fox News anchor following ClearFoxTimeWarnerAOLChannelDisney's acquisition of a time machine in 2015--once (willan on-)said, "no matter how you slice it."
The funniest part was he didn't know whether it was for scrubbing or for eating. Falafel! Falafel! Falafel! Falafel my stretch marks! What a shitbag.
Actually, one more thing. You know, normally I would say that just because ORLY is a freak doesn't mean he can't make a legitimate point about any number of things. However, that guideline really only holds true for people that aren't brain damaged adulterous stalkers.

I still think this guy is obsessed with Fox News to an unhealthy degree, however. Does anyone watch TV news anymore? Anyone important, I mean?

Maybe we could send him a Fox Blocker, since it keeps PULLING HIM BACK IN!!
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