May 22, 2006


Take the Death Tunnel straight to the pretty, pretty Pain Cave.

...then hang a right up through the Agony Grotto, take a left at Misery Stump, and Suffering Meadow is about a mile further on, on your right. You can't miss it!

So Dave and I were at The Source (one of the more impressive comics, games, & crap hobby stores I've ever seen) about a week back. I was initially looking for a copy of Delta Green (Call of Cthulhu setting, modern day, the titular organization being a sort of non-retarded version of X-Files; a secret government branch tasked with containing Mythos threats; in my opinion a much stronger setting than the default CoC approach which is basically Scooby Doo, only with insanity and it's Nyarlathotep under the mask instead of Old Man Jenkins, but I digress), because I'd had a kickass dream a few days before that about a couple operatives in one of their cells who reported to Art Bell. Art's radio show is apparently just a cover on the side, you see.

They didn't have it, which surprised me at the time. I'd had the memory from last year that Eos Press was issuing a reprint of it, dual-statted for D20 and the original Chaosium BRP system--both of which I find pretty irrelevant, I mostly just wanted the setting stuff. (If I ever did chance to run it in whatever venue, I'd want to use Nemesis, which combines a streamlined and generally tuned-up version of ORE, a much slicker dicepool system than you usually see; appeared originally in "Godlike," which is a pretty nifty low-power superhero rpg set in an alternate WW2). I found out later that they didn't have it because the reprint still hasn't happened. They're now claiming by summer this year--however, that's what they claimed last year, so who knows if it'll ever happen. But I picked up alternate products (second edition of Exalted; nice setting, horrible system; and a Paranoia supplement. Other games aren't fun; Paranoia is fun. The Computer says so), so that was fine.

However, we passed the small section of non-anime DVDs, and the title "DEATH TUNNEL" leapt right out for obvious reasons. Obviously I had to rent it later, and viewed it the other night.

It's not very good, by the way. I have a vague recollection of the opening credits of "Seven" (also not very good, but I find myself in an inexplicable minority in that opinion). I don't claim it's an eidetic recall, but: discordant music, lots of really quick jump-cuts and jittery camera and static effects and oversampled feedbacked screams and whatnot. Now picture ninety minutes of that. Also, no one could really act, but they did have big titties, so there's that--you have expect casting to perform triage for this kind of movie.

Which was sort of a shame, because an abandoned hospital is a great location to shoot such things in, if you hold the camera still for takes that last longer than ten seconds. I recommend "Session 9" for a similar location and altogether better flick.

posted by Gar @ 7:58 AM
Ah, reminds me of the good ol days when any movie with "Blood" in the title was a great adventure, a joy to behold. What the hell was I thinking?

I still wonder if I should take it upon myself to claim the mantle of having viewed all films that have the word "blood" in the title. Kind of like catching all the Pokemon, but much, much more painful.
I ran an IMDB title search on "Blood" and it suggested something like 1017 partial matches.

You have to figure that a bunch of those are actually untranslated foreign films, so I think it's only right to restrict yourself to English language (and English-dubbed, such as, say, Night of the Bloody Apes). On the other hand, I bet it missed a bunch too. So you can conservatively estimate that you'll need to watch a thousand Blood films anyway. Manage an average of three a day (you can do that by heavily using weekends, I figure), and take notes as you go, and I bet a fellow could land a book deal with that.
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