May 22, 2006


Further interesting product names

Earlier tonight, I took a stroll down to the grocery store for a few items. Its liquor store branch is built right into the same building, and on the way I pass right by its main corner window. In that window is this big display stack of plastic buckets, I'd say about half-gallon ones. The banner hung on the table they're on states, in big bright bold font, BIG BUCKET BIG FUN.

I'm sure that if I'd looked closer at it, it's probably a very innocuous product, much like the Fondue Fountain. But I avoid temptations like that, because not looking closer at such products really keeps a certain sense of magic and wonder in the world. I'm going to believe that it was really just a stack of buckets filled to the lid with fresh-distilled ethyl alcohol, and on clearance to get rid of the inventory before the plastic got eaten away from inside. It's better that way.

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