May 24, 2006


Learning is fun.

No, seriously this time, it is.

I've noticed a few times before that using bittorrent applications would occasionally, and apparently randomly, simply kill my internet connection. Or, check those assumptions, internet connectivity simply dying to the point that a reboot was required seemed to be correlated with such programs running.

Then it hit me: you know, Gar, you're allegedly technically savvy. Why are you just accepting that kind of behavior? And I replied: I've got a point!

Anyway, research commenced. What I found led me to this link. Actually, it also led me to others so I could get second and third and fourth opinions on the broken English (I'm not being mean; my German is surely far, far more broken, and there's days where my English is a good old rafter in my eye, so). The gist is, when there's more than ten simultaneous connections, as a "security" feature, Windows reacts by barfing all over its connectivity. Apparently, SP1 didn't have any limits on it whatsoever, so for SP2 Microsoft (or should I say MICRO$OFT, amirite, lolz! (kill me)) seriously overcompensated. Linked page contains a utility to change tcpip.sys to use a more reasonable 50, or user-defined--I slapped a hundred in there. Obviously backup the file before doing anything, and when you run it Windows panics and throws a warning message which you can ignore, and things still work swimmingly after that--and no more torrent-related connection losses.

posted by Gar @ 9:47 AM
I read about this problem but I never followed up enough to find a way to fix it that involves little or no effort on my part. Excellent.

Good catch!

Unfortunately, I still need a new cable modem that doesn't lock up randomly, once a day on average. I'll probably just end up buying one instead of trying to convince Comcast that there is a problem with the existing hardware/firmware.
I'm sorry. I said "cable modem" when what I really meant to say was "DOCSIS compliant transparent learning bridge/router." There, now I feel better for using geeking terminology.
"Learning" bridge/router? Uh, that's a whiskey tango foxtrot, Ghost Rider, please say again.

This kind of thing is why I'm only so technical and not much more, I imagine. I don't want my internet connection to learn a damn thing except how to stay up and reliable.
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