July 07, 2006


I hope to God for me and you that the Russians love their mecha IA IA!

"For reasons Reuters calls "not clear," 8,600 Russians want to know if Putin plans to employ "giant, humanoid war robots" and 7,300 people want him to be questioned about the Cthulhu, a cosmic cephalopod invented by author H.P. Lovecraft that sleeps beneath the Pacific Ocean.

posted by Gar @ 5:28 PM
I'd like to ask him why he is friendly toward the United States in public and then in private employs excessive and unnecessary Cold War assholery to counter every single US interest as if it's still somehow the year 1984. Yeah, supplying arms to anyone who can be perceived as remotely anti-US is REALLY going to help bring the Russian economy into the 21st century. No, really. As if anyone wants to buy that junk except for terrorists with cash flow problems.

Seriously, anyone who still thinks the Cold War is over needs to stop and check their head. As long as there are people in Russia and China who behave as if it never ended, then it never did. The sooner we understand that Russia is not always our ally, the better.

I propose we win Cold War II (I coined that term, so I'm copyrighting it right now) by closing the tummy zerberting gap with the most advanced Uncle Creepy child touching technology possible. Perhaps a giant project to put an astronaut who specializes in inappropriate touching on the Moon by 2010.

Oh, everyone's overreacting, you say. That tummy thing is just a traditional Russian thing that all little kids have to endure. Well, yeah, that's true.

If you're a woman. And you're with family. And you're not a head of state.
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